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The process of developing a successful app from an idea is something we're familiar with. We provide technical advice on the product, and our Flutter developers.

We help you create stunning, feature-rich apps for mobile, web, and desktop in a fraction of the usual time

Flutter app development

The process of developing a successful app from an idea is something we're familiar with. We provide technical advice on the product, and our Flutter developers will code your app using the popular open-source framework, guaranteeing a smooth 60 frames per second.

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Even though Flutter has only been out of beta for a short time, we could foresee its benefits over existing cross-platform technologies and started using it the week it became available. Live projects, including an enterprise project, were initiated within a few months after the company's inception.


Native Development Background

Cross-platform app developers often use Flutter, but there are occasions when they need to use the native APIs of Android and iOS. Before learning Flutter, our programmers have already become experts in Android or iOS. This allows them to tackle projects independently and makes it easier to choose which features should be built in Flutter and which should be built for Native platforms.


Test Driven Development

TDD has always played a crucial role in assuring the quality of the outputs, especially for large projects that would otherwise require extensive regression testing. We've made it possible using frameworks like their Test Library, Mockito, and Driver.


Flutter Animations

Like a chocolate cake without a cherry, an app without animations is incomplete. Using both its built-in support for animation and third-party solutions like Lottie, we can offer your apps a truly remarkable look and feel

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Flutter Applications

Our method for creating Flutter mobile apps prioritizes creativity and the quality of the user experience. In addition, our method ensures that there will be no inconsistencies between platforms for your software. As a top flutter web development agency, we have assisted businesses in creating native interfaces of the highest quality that work reliably across platforms.

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Why do our clients love us?

When it comes to both strategy and implementation, Codedevs shines. We have an extremely efficient team. They thrive under pressure and are fast to learn and adapt, even if the project or product is outside their usual area of competence.

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Google's Flutter is an open-source, cross-platform app development framework built on the Dart programming language. Utilizing the Flutter framework, you can create native, high-performing apps for both Android and iOS using a single code base.

Thanks to Flutter, our developers can write apps that work on Android and iOS with only one code set. The user experiences in both apps are similar to those of a native app. So, instead of just one mobile app, you get two!

You only need to test one app instead of two due to the app's shared codebase. With the assumption that if a feature works on an Android app, it will operate the same on iOS, you may save a lot of time managing the project. However, this is not the case while using React Native.

The time and money spent on software creation, testing, and management are all reduced by using Flutter.

Flutter can be used to supplement native Android and iOS apps with new features. If you need assistance determining what is realistic and what isn't, we're here to help. Reach out to our team of advisors right away.
Initiate development with Flutter by adding it as a library or module to your project's current development environment. That component is responsible for accurately portraying the application's user interface. A module can be done using the Flutter create-t module command. We can now begin a new project with a slightly altered framework. Creating a module in this fashion allows you to separate your main code from your Flutter code. There is a reliance on a separate module for this to function properly.
Flutter is an excellent platform for building both mobile apps and websites. Modern web content is typically developed utilizing web standards like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, all of which Flutter is fully capable of rendering. All you need to do is convert your current flutter code into a client experience, and then you can easily integrate it into any browser and publish it to any web server that supports flutter web.
We provide a solid and scalable backend for your app and a unique API so that your users' mobile devices may communicate with the app's database.
Flutter is not a toy SDK. On the contrary, Flutter allows us to create apps for every store category while taking advantage of cutting-edge hardware and software features like geolocation, camera, etc.

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All great ideas begin as small ideas.Team Codedevsis as grounded as a start-up that started from one room, to a big office with a team par excellence can be.

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