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Pre-built solution

Solving Industry Challenges with Ready-Made Solutions

  • E-commerce Marketplace

    We understand the complexities of launching a successful e-commerce marketplace. Our platform is designed to simplify the process, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

    • Rapid Platform Launch
    • Scalable Multi-Vendor Management
    • Facilitate B2B Transactions
    • Embrace Recommerce
    • Drive Social Commerce
  • Super App

    Savvy, a premier offering from Codedevs, is your one-stop shop for everything local. It combines multiple convenient services into a single app, making your life easier.

    • Craving food or groceries?
    • Need a helping hand?
    • Don’t feel well?
    • Looking to declutter?
    • Need a ride?
  • Transportation Management System (TMS) & Digital Freight Broker

    Our Comprehensive Transportation Management Solution. This solution empowers you to manage various transportation business models, including.

    • Last-Mile Delivery
    • Multi-Stop Optimization
    • Freight Brokerage with Integrated Load Board
  • Taxi Booking

    All-in-one Ride-Sharing Solution.

    • On-Demand Booking
    • Flexible Options
    • Business Features
  • Social media

    Leveraging Your Social Media Stack, We Can Build Engaging Apps Like TikTok, BigoLive, and Instagram with Advanced Features

    • Native Mobile Apps (iOS & Android)
    • Scalable Backend
    • Built-in Subscription Management
    • Live Streaming
    • Calling Systems
    • Chat Systems
  • Creator economy

    Transform Our Platform into Your Vision. Build your dream app like Patreon, Cameo, or OnlyFans with our customizable media content subscription platform!

    • Engaged Interactions
    • Seamless Communication
    • Flexible Monetization
  • Hyperlocal Marketplace

    Ultra-Fast Delivery Solutions for 2024's Hottest Demands

    • Groceries in a Flash
    • Food on Demand
    • Daily Needs Delivered
    • Speedy Spirits & Meats
  • Online Dating

    Build Stronger Connections with Our People Connector Stack. This all-in-one platform offers a suite of features designed to revolutionize how people connect within your organization

    • Intelligent Search & Chat
    • Enhanced Communication
    • Dynamic Social Stream
  • Chat & Audio / Video Call

    Streamline Communication in Your App with Our All-in-One Toolkit

    • Effortless Integration
    • Seamless Communication
    • Live Updates
    • Community Building
  • Professional Service Marketplace

    Evolve Beyond Subscriptions: Your All-Access Pass to Expertise. Unlock a world of on-demand learning, personalized consultations, and exclusive professional features.

    • Connect Directly with Experts
    • Live & Interactive Learning
    • Streamlined Communication & Convenience
  • Healthcare Platforms

    Streamline Patient Care with a Powerful SaaS Stack: This healthcare-focused SaaS toolkit empowers you to develop innovative solutions that revolutionize patient care. The comprehensive suite tackles three key areas.

    • Patient Care Management
    • Doctor Appointment Booking
    • Medicine Delivery
  • Betting

    Level Up Your Betting Game: Top Tips for Our Betting App Platform Welcome to the future of betting! Our innovative app platform puts the power of informed wagers at your fingertips.

    • Know your sport
    • Research is key
    • Set Limits
    • Don’t chase losses
    • Enjoy the Game

Your app building process in 8 steps

  • Choose your base

    Setup a workshop with our CEO or one of our product thinkers to help match your requirements to one of our many mobile & web templates.

  • Customize

    Work with our app conjurers to add or remove features from one of our mobile or web template to come up with your own custom product

  • Get estimates

    our sales team comes up with an estimate for your custom needs along with a payment plan for the entire product.

  • Get your payment plan

    We offer a flexible payment plan for the pre-existing templates to reduce your upfront cost and a milestone payment plan for your custom requirements if any.

  • As we code

    We start customizing the app template that fits best and develop custom code on top of the current code base.

  • Test your product

    We set up your template, facilitating testing, add custom features progressively, allowing you to test each as built.

  • Release your app

    Once you have verified all your features are built to suit, we help you release your product to the internet or to the app stores

  • Maintain and grow

    After building and deploying, if issues arise or users report problems, we’ll promptly assist. This is the utmost priority in custom builds.

Empowering small start-ups to make it big

All great ideas begin as small ideas.Team Codedevsis as grounded as a start-up that started from one room, to a big office with a team par excellence can be.

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Boost sales and revenue
Proven track record
Customizable to your needs
Expert support and guidance
Pre built solutions
User-friendly platform
Trusted by industry leaders

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